Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some future supermodels

Miss Megs had a sleepover for her 12th birthday with three of her gorgeous friends. So what did we do while they were her - have a photoshoot of course. They really hammed it up for the camera and we all had a ball. I love these first two shots and printed them out for the girls to take home the next day. It was lovely to have such willing participants.

And finally one of Megan in full pose. Such a show off!!!!!

Well needless to say I am thrilled with the shots, I have not edited them at all and once again my Nikon has proved that it produces some beautiful vibrant colours, especially green, it comes out looking so lush. I'm waiting for PS10, hopefully will arrive next weekend with my brother and then I'll have a play with these shots. Hoping to buy some actions as well but don't want to shell out money for elements when I'm doing the upgrade. Wooooo, should be fun.

On another note I have booked in to do an online course with Sheye Rosemeyer. It is the Explore workshop and will cover photography and editing. I'm a bit excited, Sheye is such a beautiful photographer, hope to learn a lot. My photo editing skills are very basic so would love to learn how to perfect an image. So roll on February, I can't wait to start!!!!!

No scrapping here, but have had more layouts picked up for publication so they have been removed from my blog. School starts tomorrow so really hoping to do something this week, but first job is to clean my desk. It has accumlated all sorts of junk over the hols.

Ok, off to do the ironing. Thanks for stopping by.

xx Deb

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Ebony van der Starre said...

Ha ha!!! Little posers...gorgeous pics! Im hoping to upgrade my PS this year and learn more too! Have fun with your course!