Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day

This is our chrissie tree, it was all pink and silver this year, very pretty, but every year we still have to put the kids baubles on, regardless of the colour theme. I had them handmade at Myer the year the kids were born, Miss Megs is the green one on the top left and Blake's is the red one, middle right.

The kids all excited first thing chrissie morning

Out of all Blake's pressies this one was the hugest hit. As of the beginning of January I think he has solved it three times already. This is my boy the thinker. He is so into problem solving, but I really thought it would take him a bit longer.

And Megs opening a pressie, she scored this year and got a laptop as a combined birthday and christmas gift. She is starting middle school in 2011 so it was time.

Not the best of photos, but hey who cares. The kids had a ball and afterall it is all about them on Christmas Day.

We were on our own this year, just our little family. Was hoping to spend the day around the pool but alas the weather was feral. We did get to have lunch outside though which was lovely. Then it was packing up to head to Yamba on Boxing Day.

Hope everyone's Christmas was awesome.

xx Deb

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