Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sneaky peak

Sorry it is side on but you get the idea. This is a sneaky of September's Scrap the Boys challenge. Another great way to get down on paper those everyday moments. Come over tomorrow and join in the fun.

xx Deb

Friday, August 27, 2010

My awesome husband

For those of you who follow me on facebook, you may remember me saying how awesome my husband is. Because our computer has been so bad for ages I haven't blogged a lot of personal stuff like my milestone birthday I just had in July, I turned 39 again this year and will be 38 next year, decided I am now counting backwards, think I might stop when I turn 30 and stay that way forever. Once I get access to my corrupted hard drive I will post some photos I promise.

Anyways, Ash took me out for dinner at Sirromet winery the night before my birthday, just us two, it was so lovely. The food was amazing. He was carrying around a white box with a ribbon which looked suspiciously like a lingerie box. You're kidding!!!!!!! As far as I am concerned that is not a pressie for me, that is for him. So over dessert he asked if I wanted to open my pressie. My immediate reaction was - "is it appropriate to open that here?" LOL, well when I opened it I got the hugest surprise. He had some books and tourist brochures on Paris. PARIS!!!!!! PARIS!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited!!!!!!

So I haven't said too much to anyone, cause we still had to work out the logistics of it all. Ash has a course in Paris for 4 days so took the opportunity to tack on my flight and take some holidays. We have finalized our itinerary, Ash's mum is coming up to have the kids and we are all booked. It will all be happening late October. This is a very huge year for us, my 40th, our 20th wedding anniversary (in September), what an awesome way to celebrate.

So this is what we are doing, nine nights here -

where we have rented an apartment right smack bang in the middle of the Latin Quarter. Then off to Rome for three days -

then we are taking the train to Venice where we are spending two nights. I am so in love with the idea of Venice, have always wanted to go there.

We hop on an early morning bus and go up through the Alps to Villach where we change to a train and go to Salzburg where we have treated ourselves to five star in this beautiful hotel.

And you are asking yourself why Salzburg???? Of course to do the Sound of Music Tour. Daggy???? Nope not for me. To me that movie is on the same list as Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, I could watch it over and over again. I know we will probably get back to Europe one day but not close enough to this area to do this tour. This is one on my bucket list.

Then over to Vienna, where we have three nights. It's gonna be freezing, about max 8 degrees each day, a small chance of snow. A couple of days of wandering along the Danube, I love the architecture in Austria, it is by far my favourite in Europe.

Then home, and did I happen to mention we are flying BUSINESSS CLASS. I'm a bit excited about this one because I'm not a super good flyer, I am getting better but am still very nervous. Think I might be investing in some Valium or something for the flight.

So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Especially must see's in Vienna, that is the only part of the trip we haven't researched too much.

Ok, I am off to get out my scissors, paper, glue, must get my September layout done for Scrap the Boys. Have you all got your entries in this month, still a few days to go.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paper Poppy have done it again

I am seriously drooling........

Well this is a sneaky for their September kit, you will find all the details here. I have bought every kit so far since they have been released and you betcha I'll be buying this one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a new giveaway at Scrap the Boys

How gorgeous is this prize, I wish I could win it. Anyways pop over here and put your name in the draw.

Don't forget to get your entry in for this month's challenge, the next one will be posted on August 15th.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm back in the land of the living

Ok I went and bit the bullet today and bought a new lappie. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!! I still have to get my hard drive back to be able to access all our photos and emails etc so I am only half organised but at least I have access to the internet. As far as our old computer is concerned we are still not sure if it is fixable, my big bro is doing it in his spare time which means he won't be able to get back to it until the weekend.

Anyways, just thought I would pop in and let you all know I am back.

Who likes a bit of whimsy?

If you've never had the pleasure of visiting my little bit of whimsy go over and have a look. Steph makes the most gorgeous pins and buttons. She is having a giveaway at the moment too. Hee hee, I have a little bit of an addiction to this place.
xx Deb

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RIP my faithful computer

I think the time has come to bury my trusty friend. It has finally frozen completely and has gone on a holiday to my big bro's house to see if it is fixable. I am thinking not, lucky everything is backed up. So I won't be around much, just occasionally when I am at work until we decide on what we are doing for a new computer.

As far as scrapping goes, I'll have to go and drag out some of my old pre-digital photos. They are sitting in a box screaming to be scrapped so I might have to get organised and scrap some old photos. They are terrible, but the memories are still there.

Catch you later.

xx Deb

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Happy Mail

came last week for me from the very lovely Miss Sandra Gerdes. She sent me the most awesome bag of hand dyed doilies. Of course I couldn't help myself and ripped open the packet and started creating. I can't wait to use some of the gorgeous coloured ones. You can get them from her Pretties Etc shop or from the Scrapping Outback shop.

I love this photo of my gorgeous girl, this was taken just before one of her hip hop comps.

Can you believe I actually got out some of my mists and used them. The jury is still out on these, I love the layout but still not sure of the sprayed effect. I'm sure it will grow on me.

Can you believe it, two posts in one day. Have to get my computer fix while it is in a good mood - LOL!!!!

xx Deb

PS. I matted the photo just for you Georgia Keays - LOL!!!!!!

Some new Paper Poppy

Well I have been so good lately, I really haven't spent too much at all on anything scrapbooking related for two months so I rewarded myself with the new Paper Poppy kit. How gorgeous is it???? Full of some Cosmo, Pink Paislee and Jillibean Soup, mmmmm mmmmm, three of my fave manufacturers.

and seeing as the dollar exchange is so good I also got the July kit.

There are some great add-ons you can buy with both kits, if you are looking for an awesome jam-packed kit to buy, Aphra does great kits.
I have completed a few layouts, unfortunately I can't show too many as they were completed for specific things and as we're still having computer probs I am having trouble uploading my photos - grrrrrrrr. I'll try later again today.
xx Deb

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another awesome giveaway from Miss Wally

The chip chop Shop is back up and running and to celebrate Leeann is giving away all this awesome stuff. If you want to win it pop over here to see how.
Love your work Miss Wally.
xx Deb

New Challenge at Scrap the Boys

The first challenge at Scrap the Boys for August is to scrap a layout using flowers …to make it a little easier you can include a photo of you and your boy/s… Or if you can’t come at flowers …scrap about their feminine sides… or if you are feeling very clever… use both criteria.
Here is my layout -

Wow, love this challenge. I do use flowers on my boy layouts, but usually just one or two discreet ones. So I went all out and used a flower cluster, but balanced it off with some corrugated cardboard and some boy papers. I love the finished product, now I would love to see some of your layouts!!!!!
Hope you are all having a fabulous day
xx Deb