Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RIP my faithful computer

I think the time has come to bury my trusty friend. It has finally frozen completely and has gone on a holiday to my big bro's house to see if it is fixable. I am thinking not, lucky everything is backed up. So I won't be around much, just occasionally when I am at work until we decide on what we are doing for a new computer.

As far as scrapping goes, I'll have to go and drag out some of my old pre-digital photos. They are sitting in a box screaming to be scrapped so I might have to get organised and scrap some old photos. They are terrible, but the memories are still there.

Catch you later.

xx Deb


Sue said...

Hope you can sort out a new pc soon.

Jacque said...

OMG Deb, I wouldn't cope. You're being very brave ;)
Hope it all gets sorted soon.