Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry I have been a slack blogger

But I've been a bit busy, well in fact very busy. I've been doing Sheye Rosemeyer's Eye Candy Explore workshop. I am in the last week of it now, it has been awfully time consuming but I have learned so much. And I have finally got it, apertures, f-stops, ISO's, all makes total sense now. I am shooting in full manual now and the only stress I have about it is learning to juggle all the buttons and remembering to watch the light meter. I know it won't be long and it will be second nature. Just a quick shot the other day for one of the weekly modules, dude was not being very co-operative, all he wanted to do was get to Toyworld to buy a new Beyblade. I got a couple of okay shots, but really love this one. We are editing this week so I am hoping to get my photos up to scratch soon.

If you are thinking of doing a photography course I would highly recommend this one.

No scrapping at the moment but hopefully will have time after next week. I have a few things due by the end of the month so will have to pull my finger out.

Hopefully will be back soon with some layouts.


Dolly B said...

Great shot, I should do a course, but I probably woulnt get it and then get frustrated. Yay for you but and look forward to seeing some super duper pics
Mary x

TRACEY said...