Friday, October 15, 2010

Only one week to go

until we leave for our trip to Europe. OMGoodness, how quick has that come around. We have so much to do, Ashley's mum arrives on Wednesday, she is looking after the kids and the house for us while we are away. So I am madly running around cleaning the house, making lists, trying to remember if I've forgotten anything. Sooooooo excited.

Anyways, I will try and blog while I am away, Ash will be on a course for three days while we are in Paris so will have the nights to do some posts. Pop in, I'm not promising too much but it would be great to get the trip down each day on my blog.

No scrapping here, I have been too busy but I would love to squeeze in a layout before I go.

xxx Deb


Bridgette said...

oh why did i think you were going to the states when we were talking the other day derrrr!!!
have the best time with your hubby ALONE!!

Bec said...

Have time a fabulous Deb. Make sure you take plenty of pics and enjoy the time with Ash.

Sue said...

Hope you have a fabby time.