Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Warning - a very long post, you may want to grab a cuppa.

Sorry I have been such a slack blogger, things have been soooooo busy, time has just seemed to get away from me. So here is a wrap up of the end of the year.

Megan had a great year again this year, she took out the academic award for the second year running. That's her, second from the right. I am such a proud mumma. She really works so hard, especially on her maths which doesn't come easy to her. Onwards and upwards to year 6, it is a bit scary, my little girl is growing up big time.

The kids were so lucky with their teachers this year, Megan had Mr Hartshorn who was just the 'best teacher ever' according to Miss Megs

and Blake had Mrs Linnane who is the most caring, amazing person I know. She just had this way with him and just 'got' him. Most teacher's don't and just think he is a troublemaker but she persisted and bought out almost the best in him. I know he still has a lot more to give, hopefully he will grow up a bit next year and find his place in life. He did however do really well with his schooling, just his behaviour sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

The kids and I headed up to Noosa in the van after school finished for 10 days. We caught up with the girls up there and just generally had a great time. Lots of swimming in the river, the kids had a ball playing with the other kids in the park and we did a lot of reading, relaxing and playing board games. Ash came up when he could as he was still at work.

We had chrissie this year at mum and dad's for the first time in quite a few years. We have had christmas at our house for the last few years so it was nice not to have to do the whole prep beforehand. The kids scored big time this year, they both got Nintendo DS's and heaps of games and a Powerwing each.

On Boxing Day Grandad took Ash and Blake fishing to Baroon Pocket Dam up near Maleny. How's this haul, and Blake caught them all.

I'll be back later to fill you in on our New Year's Eve celebrations, we had a 40th and lots of 70's fun.


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