Sunday, January 24, 2010

An early start

Well it is 6.30am on a Sunday morning here, Ash got up early to catch a plane to Melbourne, so therefore woke me up. He is off to the Tennis tonight, he gets to see Andy Roddick (mmmmmm, mmmmmm) and Justine Henin play, must say I am a bit jealous. Anyway so I am up, put some washing on, done a few things, so thought I would get on here and post.

Anyways, finally get to catch up on the rest of the holiday news. We rented a unit in Peregian Beach, right on the water, for a week from the 27th December. We had Ruthie's 40th New Years Eve at the Peregian Tavern, was an absolute blast, 70's theme and everyone went all out. Here are just a few photos -

The birthday girl

The girls

Julie and Shaun (how good are their outfits!!!!!!)

The disco girl and the hippy guy, Ash's pants were horrendous

Me and Kris having a good time

And last but not least, us hanging out at the beach

I love this part of the world, the developers haven't got to it yet and it is still just a little beachside community.

Cyn is coming over tonight to scrap, so hopefully I might have some scrapping to show you at last. I cannot believe it is almost two months since I have scrapped, I have sooooo missed it, but haven't been home, have been too busy, have been working horrendous hours the last two weeks, the list goes on. So hopefully I will remember how to - LOL!!!!!


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