Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bit busy

Sorry I haven't been around much, have been busy with my photography and have just started a new course Love Your Camera II with Angie Baxter. It is very full-on, a project a day. I started late because I was in Geelong with the girl at Nationals for hip hop. By the way, they came fourth which is a huge effort, but missed out on selection to go to the World titles.

Anyways here are my first two - Self Portrait

Yeah I know, I cheated a bit, but I had to take the photo myself and closeups of my face is seriously scary.

And my second project - Explore

We had to take our camera somewhere different and the subject had to be something we hadn't photographed before. So I hit the shops and photographed this in a little homewares store. Am really thrilled with this one. So anyways that is what I'm up to. Still no scrapping but it will come ......... I hope............

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