Monday, November 9, 2009

Take the time

to play with your kids, to laugh with your kids, to cherish your kids. I stumbled across the website of the most amazing photographer a few years back, her work is sublime. But I also discovered her family's tragic story and from it learnt to give hugs more freely, to dance and be silly, to listen to my kids when they want to tell me a story and talk about their day, to love my life.

Here is a post that Sheye wrote that still brings tears to my eyes.

My Darling Super Princess, Forever Cherished.

This is a very hard post to write but I feel I owe it to the hundreds of people who have shown support to our family throughout the World over the last two weeks.
On Saturday the 3rd of February, on a very “normal”day in our normal, happy life, our World was shattered. In short, our beautiful daughter Ava got into our car which was, unusually, parked in full sun in the middle of the day. She had been with Grandad who lives next door (we have one wall around both properties) and said she was returning to my house but in fact went searching for something in the car. We always lock it. Just not that day. Once she got in she shut the door and was not able to find her way back out.
Our princess fought so bravely for two days in ICU but on Monday the 5th of February, she flew to Heaven.
Words can never express the pain in our heart or the void we feel. It makes no sense but we are so grateful to have had her for three years and we will continue to work very hard to provide our other three children a wonderful childhood filled with happy memories.
Ava, my amazing, sweet, clever Super Princess..I miss you with every ounce of my being. I love you to the moon and back.

Your will find Sheye's Blog here

Please save a copy of this postcard and send it on to all your friends, it may just save a life. Hopefully you can read it ok, if not you should be able to save it and read it later.

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